Federal Parade
The Original Broadway Parade

American History, online March 18, 2019.
When ten states ratified the Constitution, all of New York City marched in celebration. A sunny day, rivers of ale— all that was missing was the ticker tape.

Lewis and Clark
How Lewis and Clark Helped Shape American English

Atlas Obscura, online February 8, 2018.
President Jefferson told Lewis and Clark to record every object in their surroundings "worthy of notice." That meant creating a host of new and repurposed words.

1870s Words
Top Ten Misused Words of the 1870s

Huffington Post, online May 21, 2015.
Modern usage mavens would no doubt agree with critic Richard Grant White's dire predictions about the English language, but they might be surprised by the words he condemned.

Abraham Lincoln
The Secret of Abraham Lincoln's Success as a Writer, online February 19, 2015.
His enemies called him a slang-whanging stump speaker, but he knew his grammar inside-out.

Noah Webster
Noah Webster Would Have Loved Urban Dictionary

Smithsonian/Zocalo Public Square, online May 12, 2015.
The founding father of American English wanted us to write the way we talked.

Plain Language
In English Please, online May 2001.
When you're getting ready to tackle that stack of paperwork, go for plain English — it saves time and money.